Commencement of our first drilling campaign

We are excited to reflect on the past ten years of operating within the Republic of Guinea. During this time, we have had the privilege of working with regional experts, building relationships with local professionals, and engaging with the local communities. Throughout our journey, we have identified opportunities to do things differently and more efficiently.

We are delighted to announce that in April, our first drilling program commenced on one of our flagship concessions located in the Siguiri region of Guinea. This milestone could not have been achieved without the invaluable help of our partners at SRK Exploration Services. Their comprehensive reports detailing our sampling results have given us the confidence to move forward with this project. 

Our journey has not been without challenges, but we are proud of the position we find ourselves in today. This success is a result of ten years of hard work, dedication, and self-belief from all those who have contributed to our efforts. 

Moving forward, we will continue to push boundaries and strive to do things differently and better. We recognise that our journey is far from over, and we remain committed to delivering value to our shareholders and the communities in which we operate.