Seventy Ninth™ Resources is one of the largest developers of natural resources in West Africa.

Measured by number of concessions under development, exploration and management


Enriching lives, creating value.

As the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic and looks to rebuild in more efficient and sustainable ways, the demand for natural resources, minerals and precious metals has never been greater. Metals are also playing a key role in the transition towards cleaner energy and precious metals such as gold, are an integral part of industrial processes, electronics and chemical applications. To meet this demand, the efficient mining of minerals and metals must increase significantly. Successful management of mineral supply chains therefore, presents one of the most striking commercial opportunities of the next decade. ​

West Africa occupies a unique place in that minerals supply chain. For example, the Republic of Guinea has rich Iron Ore, Gold and Diamond reserves. It also possesses almost a quarter of the world’s known Bauxite reserves. Bauxite is the primary source of aluminium, and Bauxite-derived aluminium has a range of different uses, including essential components for solar panels, in vehicles and in aerospace technology, as well playing a key role in construction. ​

At the Seventy Ninth Group, our aim is to unlock the potential of Guinea, helping it to meet the growing demand for minerals globally, by identifying the valuable resources that people across the world need. We have been operating in the natural resources sector since 2011, and we use our decades of experience gained within the real estate industry to identify undervalued assets that can be turned into exceptional commercial opportunities.

The Webster Family Story in numbers

8 Countries

Incorporated in eight countries: UK, USA, Canada, UAE, Barbados, the Republic of Guinea, Gibraltar and Japan.

17 concessions

Our seventeen natural resource concessions under management.

£14 billion

More than £14 billion in identified gold deposits in neighbouring mines.

3 Certifications

We have 3 notable certifications from ISO and Green Mark, in addition to participating in the UN Global Compact.

30 years

Over 30 years of collective experience in asset management and compliance.

1000+ km²

Our natural resource concessions collectively span over one thousand square kilometres in size.

Part of the Seventy Ninth family of companies, Seventy Ninth Resources is held to the same remarkably high standards as its sister companies.

ESG is at the heart of our operation. We understand how to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future.

Our commitments are both achievable and sustainable as they consider global impacts such as environmental footprint, culture, and economics. We continuously review the usage of materials, energy, emissions, and waste as part of our ongoing commitment. We evidence our improvements through external auditing bodies which are aligned to international standards.

Our approved participation in the United Nations Global Compact encourages transparency in reporting on our commitments.

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Working with global leaders.

We’ve appointed SRK Exploration and Consulting, recognised in the industry as the ‘gold standard’ of mineral exploration. SRK is a world leader in interpreting integrated data sets for target generation, including aeromagnetic, radio-metric, gravity, landsat and seismic data. Its resource estimates use the best available methods based on rigorous data analysis and sound geological assessment of ore systems, helping to provide us with a clear understanding of reliability and risk at all stages of our exploration operating model.

“I’m coming to the end of my career and it would be great to look back and say that was the project where everybody did the right thing at the right time"

Bill Kellaway, Chairman

Our Management Team

Dave Webster


Jake Webster

Managing Director

Curtis Webster

Investment Director

Natalie Bellis

Chief Executive Officer

Working With Key Strategic Advisors is Integral to our operations.

Commercial partners are integral to the success and stability of any business but even more so in the exploration and management of mineral exploration. Seventy Ninth™ Resource’s commercial partnerships have been nurtured over the past eight years for their respective expertise in delivering key services specific to our business.

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