Welcome to the Seventy Ninth Group

An award-winning, family-owned asset management company with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Founded by serial entrepreneur David Webster and his sons Jake and Curtis Webster, the award-winning Seventy Ninth Group holds an advantageous position in both the Real Estate and Natural Resource sectors, specialising in the acquisition, management, and development of lucrative assets during times of economic turmoil and uncertainty.

We are a values-focused, ESG-driven asset management company with a proven ability to provide above-market returns in all market conditions.

Our Board of Directors consists of some of the most well-respected names in compliance and regulation, finance and accountancy, and geology and mining. Our first principle is compliance and expertise in our relevant sectors to reduce risk to all we work with.


Trusted by over 1000 clients globally

Since 1985

Managing assets successfully since 1985

Our success

In the last 18 months, The Seventy Ninth Group underwent unprecedented growth:


Our Track Record

Our Track Record

Advantages of Loan Notes

Advantages of Loan Notes

Our Offering

The Seventy Ninth Group uses private funding to assist in our ability for the swift and agile acquisition of our target projects.

Acquisition and development of projects are funded by Loan Notes (contracts for a loan specifying when the loan must be repaid and the amount of interest payable). The Loan Notes are registered with Castle Trust Group, the security trustee regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission.

To ensure our clients are protected, our Loan Notes are secured and asset-backed with solvent equity in the projects we undergo.

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